Week Fourteen Thoughts

My thoughts this week were drawn to Psalm 93. Although it is a fairly short Psalm, it is packed with content. We are given a lot to think about when we read this Psalm. We are told that the LORD reigns, that He is clothed in majesty, robed and enveloped in strength, that He is mighty, eternal, truthful and reliable, and His house is adorn (or befit) with Holieness.

When I think about who God is, I am often overwhelmed. God is complex, and I believe that we cannot fully comprehend who He is, but as we read through Scripture we are given glimpses of who He is. This is one of those passages that gives us a good look into who God is, but we need all of Scripture to put together a more accurate picture of who He is, but we will not fully comprehend who He is until we are with Him dwelling in His glory at the second coming. This picture that we are given here gives us a good picture though, we see that God is reigning, as in He is above, in control, and always has been and always will. We see that God is clothed with majesty and strength.

Psalm 93 verses 3 and 4 give us a picture of the strength that God possesses. In the past couple of years there have been quite a few hurricanes that have brought devestation to many places, and a lot of the devestation comes from the storm surge and the flooding that it brings. It is crazy how powerful the seas are, and how much destruction comes by flooding. In these verses we see that God’s strength or might is much more than the power of flooding and the seas. If we are His, what then should we fear?

In verse 2 we see that God is from everlasting. This means that God is eternal, before time, and after time, God is. God has no beginning and no end. This is one of the truths about God that we cannot quite comprehend, our world and our lives are defined by time, but time is something along with us that are creations of God. He is so far above us and more powerful than us. Our God is awesome, I could go on and on about how great God is, but I’ll just say explore the Scripture and see for yourself for His testimonies are completely reliable (verse 5).

God is awesome! As we continue through Scripture start noting the attributes of God, write them down, put them together and explore how each attribute compliments the others. It will make you realize not only is our God great and awesome, but He is beautiful! Through all of this don’t forget that God loves you intimately, He calls you His own! We serve an amazing, wonderful God!

Thanks for reading!

-Pastor Josh