Week Twenty-Four Thoughts

This week is a very important week for the church, it is what is known as Holy week. It would make sense for me to write about the Mark’s account of Jesus’ death and resurrection, but I want to bring us to 2 Kings 5. This is the account of Naaman being healed of his skin disease.

In this passage we see the instructions given to Naaman to wash seven times in the Jordan and then his skin would be restored and clean. From here we see Naaman’s reaction, but then after some counsel we see him follow the instructions. After he washed seven times in the Jordan, he was miraculously healed of his skin disease. This is where I want to pick it up.

After he is healed, he confesses that there is only one God, the God of Israel, but then he also tries to give Elisha a gift. Elisha would not accept the gift, and it may seem like a rather insignificant thing here, but I think it is something to look at. Why would he not accept it? What would have happened if he had? Would God have gotten the glory in this situation, or would have Elisha? As you continue reading through the reading plan, don’t forget to take time to ask questions and seek out the answers. Research them, or ask someone what they think, start conversations about what you are reading, and enjoy the time in God’s word.

Thanks for reading!

Pastor Josh