Week Twenty-Five Thoughts

My thoughts this week are short, and they come from 2 Kings 22:8-13. This account is during the time when Josiah is king of Judah and they find the Book of the Law. The place I want to focus on is Josiah’s reaction when he heard the words of the book of the law. We are told he tore his clothes and seeks answers from the LORD. When is the last time the Word of God has impacted you like this? Has the Word of God ever impacted you like this? As we ask ourselves these questions, we must also ask, when is the last time I was convicted by the Word of God? Josiah sees the sin and disobedience of Judah, and I am sure even in himself.

So let us be like Josiah, being excited about God’s Word, repentant of our sins, and faithful to God’s Word.

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Josh