Week Twenty-Seven Thoughts

This week my thoughts came from Hebrews, and not just one chapter or a few verses, but weaved throughout the chapters we read. My thoughts went to the concept of Jesus as our Great High Priest. This is one of those concepts that has kind of been lost in history. When we look at what a priest did in the Old Testament, we see that they in a sense were a mediator between God and His people, but with Christ as the High Priest we have a fundamental change in that we now have access to God directly.

Another function of the High Priest was to offer the sacrifice for the people as well. Jesus not only offered a sacrifice, He was the sacrifice, and not just a sacrifice, but He was the perfect sacrifice (see Hebrews 10). So as we look at Jesus as the Great High Priest we must recognize that He is not only the mediator and sacrifice, but that He is also God, but not only that, but as a Christ follower, He is for us. With Jesus as our mediator and sacrifice we can stand before God the Father forgiven and counted righteous.

With Jesus as our Great High Priest we know we are in good hands. We have someone that sympathizes with us, someone that loves us, someone that died for us, and we now have direct access to God. How lucky are we? Jesus is actively our Great High Priest and our sacrifice. He brought salvation to us.

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Josh