Week Thirty-Two Thoughts

My thoughts today take me to Matthew 10:16-25. Jesus here is talking to his disciples about persecution that will come to them. I think that a lot of times people expect once they become a Christian that life will get easier. Here we have Jesus telling his disciples the opposite really, that they will be handed over to the courts and they will be hated by all for His name sake. Jesus does not tell his disciples to quit or back down, but he tells them to not fear and to endure.

We live in a time that can seem hostile towards Christians, but if we look back over history we have it really easy. We don’t see much in the way of persecution here in America. The question is, if we did would we stay faithful, and would be endure without fear? Jesus not only tells them not to fear, but down in verse 28 he says, “Do not fear those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather fear him who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

So let us be bold in our faith wherever we are. Let us not fear what someone might say about us, or what they may do to us, but rather trust in God, and rest in Him know that even if we are persecuted even to the point of death, still let us not fear, for Christ has saved us and our reward is not in this life, but in the one to come. So be bold, share your faith, and don’t fear persecution. I’ve read the end, and we as believers win. So why fear what can only kill the body?

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Josh