Week Forty-Two Thoughts

I want to bring us to Psalm 84 verse 10 today for this week’s thoughts. As I was reading this week what stood out to me was the profound and simple truth found in verse 10. “Better a day in your courts than a thousand anywhere else.” This is talking about how being in the presence or courts of the LORD God for just one day is far better than spending a far greater amount of time anywhere else. When we dwell on this, we should be brought to a place of amazement and wonder. Imagine the best time or the coolest place you have ever been to, and now think about spending 1,000 days there and how great that would be. What this passage is saying, is being in the presence of the God is far superior to this, so much so that one day there would would be better than you can even fathom.

As we dwell on this thought, I want us to start thinking about eternity. We are not promised one day with God, but rather eternity, and if just one day would be that awesome, try and comprehend how great and awesome eternity is going to be. It will be far greater than we can imagine, and far better as well. Remember, we are foreigners here on earth, so keep your treasure in heaven and not here on earth.

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Josh