Week Thirty-Nine Thoughts

I forgot to write last week, so this post is from last week’s reading. I want to draw our attention to Isaiah 58, and in particular verses 6-12. This passage jumped out at me, and I hope it did for you as well. It addresses something that was going on back in Isaiah’s time, but that is still going on today. This issues (people) I want us to think about today are the oppressed, the hungry, the homeless, and the marginalized. A lot of times it is easy to look at problems and turn a blind eye, or to get overwhelmed and think we can’t do anything. A lot of times I think that’s the problem, we look at issues and see issues and not the people that are there, those that are hungry, those that don’t have shelter or clothing. But what if we didn’t dwell on solving world hunger, but instead when we see a person hungry we give them something to eat. We all live in certain areas, and there are people around us that are struggling, that are hungry, that are lonely… What are we doing about it? Are we spending time with people that are lonely, are we regarding people that are different than us as made in the image of God, do we “share our bread with the hungry?” Are we living with the heart of Christ, or with our own selfish ambitions seeking only the good of ourselves?

Let us all take a deep look at what we do with our resources and possessions, and ask the question: Is glory being brought to God through those things?

Thanks for reading,

Pastor Josh